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17th NRI Festival in Indore 8-10 January 2023

Dawn Lee Welcome all the NRI’s to join us on our Path-breaking Journey of Growth & Transformation.

The Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Day, also termed Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, is celebrated to boost the overseas Indian community’s ties with the Indian government and assist them in getting back in touch with their roots. As we all know, the 17th NRI Festival will take place in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, from January 8 to January 10, 2023. Dawn Lee (a Khushi Agro Pvt. Ltd. brand) was developed to revitalize the ‘18th Century Goodness’ values that seem to be fading from the modern lifestyle. We welcome all the NRI’s to accompany us on our path-breaking journey of unbelievable growth and transformation through NRI Festival.

A Quick Synopsis of Dawn Lee

Dawn Lee is committed to sharing the great old Indian consumption habits of natural, fresh, healthy foods. We present a series of concept-based organic Satvik (Onion, red chilli, garlic, and refined sugar-free products). Dawn Lee Includes almost all available kitchen health solutions (Gluten-free Hing to Calcium-rich Mukhwas) in 12+ food categories with 100+ concept-based products. We are also recognized and certified by FSSAI, India Organic, and the USDA. We are your one-stop store for 100% natural, chemical-free, preservative-free healthy food products.

Why Modern India has become a Hotspot for Overseas Investment

The government’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” strategy offers this sector prominence and delivers support through various initiatives. India is quickly becoming desirable for foreign investors due to its sizable market. The Indian government has lifted restrictions on foreign direct investment to encourage foreign capital, notably boosting foreign equity caps for the defence and insurance fields. As a result, the nation has made substantial progress toward improving its business climate altogether. India’s economy is also among the largest and fastest-growing in the world, advancing at a 7.5% annual rate.

Indian Government is Re-framing its Policies & Infrastructure to Nurture a Hassle-free Business Environment

The Indian government has promoted the accelerated building of diverse infrastructure projects in India. Government funding of Rs. 100 lakh crores have been designated for the country’s extensive and integrated infrastructure development under the “Gati Shakti” National Master Plan. The Indian government has fostered industry support by resetting its policies to nurture a hassle-free and business-friendly atmosphere. Some captivating features that draw FDI to India are a growing young population, technological skill sets among the workforce, eased FDI government norms, and cheap and ample labour.

Expected Growth of Indian Food Industry US$ 535 billion by 2025-26

India is the world’s third-largest source of cereals, coconut, lettuce, nutmeg, mace, and pepper. The food business is expected to withstand all four seasons and never suffer a crisis because of higher incomes and an increasing preference for instant, immunity-boosting snacks and nutritious foods. India’s food industry garnered $4.18 billion in Foreign Direct Investment from April 2014 to March 2020. The food processing industry in India is among the largest in the world, and by 2025–2026, it is estimated that its output will total US$ 535 billion.

India is Gifted with Various Climate Conditions

India is fortunately gifted with various climates, from the hot and steamy south to the moderate and high-altitude, frigid northern Himalayas, where the majestic mountainous regions bloom white in winter with periodic snowfall. India is privileged to have a varied terrain or geography, and this point makes India best than the rest.

Indians Garnered Appreciation for Vaccine Supply, Ayurveda Practices, and Medicinal Herbs during COVID-19 Outbreak

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration, India became the global pharmacy during the COVID-19 outbreak. In distributing drugs and vaccinations to foreign countries, India garnered remarkable popularity worldwide. Many alternative remedies were investigated all around the world. Immunity-boosting Ayurvedic and herbal Kadhas, homeopathic medications, and traditional herbs and spices were being explored; Allopathic treatment regimens might not be the only ones to count on in our battle against viruses, flu’s and deadly diseases. Traditional spices and ancient herbs were highly helpful in the rehabilitation of COVID-19. Moreover, Ayurveda assisted a huge population in building physical strength and harmony.

The Rich Texture, Health Benefits, and Enticing Aroma of Indian Spices Captivated East India Company

India produces a vast variety of spices and currently ranks highly in the production of spices worldwide, producing about 3.2 million tonnes of various spices. With a 7000-year history, India is recognized as the “Spice Bowl of the World.” Without mentioning the East India Company, the history of the Indian spice trade would be incomplete. The rich texture and enticing aroma of Indian spices captivated people from all over the world, and the British were one of those who wanted to expand their trade in India. The East India Company grew its operation, continued to export Indian spices, and established dominance in other markets.

Take a Tour of Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’, and Kashmir ‘Heaven on Earth’

India is acclaimed for its diverse Indian culture, breathtaking landscapes, variety of flora and fauna, temples, historic forts, artistry, folk dance, cuisine, shopping, etc. Innumerable astonishing and fascinating attractions lure tourists from all over the world. For instance, Kerala, acclaimed for its ecotourism and exquisite backwaters, was chosen as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveller and appropriately called “God’s Own Country.” Just like Kerala, Kashmir is recognized as one of India’s most treasured gems and is widely hailed as Heaven on Earth. Kashmir includes many attractions, including the snow-capped peaks of the mighty Himalayas, lotus-filled lakes, and blue pine woods. Travelling to India is always a fascinating experience.

Indore – A Paradise for Food Lovers

Indore is not only famed for its rich tradition and culture, but it is also noted for its food, education, and trade. It is the only city with IIT and IIM, contributing to its popularity. Indore has also been given two labels by the FSSAI for being “Clean Street Food Hubs,” which serve high-quality and hygienic street food. Indore has received multiple awards and identified itself as one of the nation’s most progressive and sustainable cities over the years. The Indian and MP government have also undertaken several initiatives to ease market access and foster foreign collaboration. Close to Indore, India’s biggest airport is anticipated; the 2023 Metro launch. Businesses like TCS, Infosys, Mphasis, and other top IT behemoths have already commenced operations in the city. The MP government established a special zone in Pithampur where anyone from anywhere in the world can bid for industrial land.

Ahilya Devi City Indore is now a Cleanest City for 6th Time in a row

Indore is smoothly welcoming the improvements and advancements required to make it a Smart City, transforming the city’s character and liveability while revitalizing its economy and culture, strengthening its adaptability, and upgrading its sustainability. For the sixth year in a line, Indore has been declared India’s cleanest city, and Madhya Pradesh is the nation’s cleanest state.

PM Modi Hailed Indore for its Cleanliness

The Prime Minister mentioned that this year’s Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan would be staged in Indore during a visit to Indonesia, applauding the city’s hygiene and sanitation methods. He urged the Indians residing in Indonesia to witness the Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan and experience Indore’s cleanliness.

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