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“18th Century goodness” emphasizes on creating the healthy food environment by improving food quality, spreading awareness on adulteration practices and reintroducing Indian Ayurveda legacy in one’s daily diet. 

The grocery list is the first step towards a healthy life! Things to review for a smart grocery list.
Check Labels/Ingredients
What Ayurveda recommends
Fumigation free or chemical-free produces
Good nutrition starts with smart choices in the grocery store.


An epidemic has taken over globally: Lifestyle diseases. We are becoming used to of medicines with increase in diseases. The root of this issue is lack of nutrition education, unhealthy lifestyle. We work to bridge this gap by providing healthy food products based on Ayurveda and health education to consumer which leads to tablet free lifestyle.

Ayurveda have Natural effective proven formula with Nutraceuticals range, it promotes mindfulness, has no side effects and effectively work on the root causes.

We have taken 18th century food products as our benchmark for quality and offering similar authenticity and purity at competitive prices. It is always an endeavor for us to provide products which are unadulterated and nutrition-rich. 

Tension-free snacking means “A healthy, tasty snacking options”

Any time snack…! So good and yummy…! So healthy to enjoy with your loved ones.

Less processed and easy to digest
Suitable for all age groups
Gluten free snacks
Healthy and guilt free snacking
Nutrition rich

Cure Pep is Dawn Lee’s new natural antibiotic product. It is the fusion of high curcumin turmeric and Black Pepper. Black Pepper when mixed with turmeric enhances curcumin absorption in our body by 2000 times.

Health benefits (based on several studies)-
Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial, Anti-sceptic, Anti-oxidant, Anti-Fungal.
High potency Turmeric small pinch is enough.

Delicious, nutritious, and pure jaggery. Best sugar alternative.
Comes in powder form – Easy to use.

Dawn Lee’s Jaggery Powder
No other additive, just pure natural sugar cane in its original form that your body needs.

Health Benefits(based on several studies) –
Prevent and relieve constipation, Detoxification of liver, Blood purifier, Fights common cold and cough, Source of carbohydrates.

Desi Khand is not processed through a bleaching process. Highly nutrient and calcium-rich.

Did you Know?
Healthier alternatives for harmful sugar are easily available!

Know the key
Khand sugar is less sweet but high in nutrients. Instant energy booster and good for kids and diabetics.

Know from difference.
Real cinnamon (Ceylon) vs other cinnamon.
The best thing to come from tree bark- is Ceylon Cinnamon!
Ceylon cinnamon has more than just flavor – Therapeutic benefits while cassia is an average supermarket brand – cheaper
Ceylon is fragile(easily broken) and sweet in taste while cassia is tough(hard to break) and spicy in taste.

We use exotic Indian spices, supreme graded dry fruits, natural sweeteners, and herbs, which are sorted and grind by ancient techniques in small batches for a high quality product to retain their flavors and colors, and use hassle free packaging to maintain their aroma and freshness. Our products are all about educating people to understand what they’re eating and why, rather than being revenue-based.