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C Cube Amla Nuts Salted


Gracious tastes. Naturally sweet. Enrich with the triple power of Vitamin C. Feeling like something sweet without preservatives or artificial flavors? Try Dawn Lee’s Sweet Amla – Tangy Taste: Sundried amla with a hint of sugar. Finished with Khand sugar instead of refined sugar. High in vitamin C and rich in dietary fibres. * No artificial flavour, color or sweetner.


C Cube Salted Amla whole, is obtained by drying fresh amla fruits. Rich source of Vitamin ‘C’.

Improves immune system. Beneficial for digestive system

Weight .075 kg
Health Benefits

(Based on several studies)- Amla promotes strength and vitality. It also boosts cognitive functions like memory retention and learning capacity, Good for eyes, skin, and hair.

How to Use

*Grab a handful of Sweet Amla and have them after every meal
*Can be used as a mouth freshener
*Ideal snack option for sweet cravings


Dried Amla Fruit, Khand Sugar

Allergy / Caution

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts and Spices. May contain trace elements


Store in a cool and Dry Place. Keep away from moisture

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