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Chocolate Latte


(Per 150Gm)

There’s nothing like a #latte to energize your day. Ready for your next #coffee break? Replace caffeinated coffee with the nutritious Chocolate latte.


Make it healthy with our pure Chocolate Latte made with 100% pure chocolate for greater energy and sharper brain function. Caffeine-free but with more antioxidants.
▪️ No added preservatives
▪️ No artificial color or flavors
▪️ No cheaper substitute
▪️ Caffeine-free


Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Almond Kernels, Cashew Nuts, Pistachio, Mace, nutmeg, Chia Seeds.

How To Use

Use one teaspoon of Chocolate Latte for 250 ml of milk.
Add natural sweetness as per taste.
Can be consumed with lukewarm water.

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