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Asli Thandai


(Per 300Gm)

The King of Indian Drinks

Traditional drink with Ayurvedic benefits

Thandai being the oldest festive and summer drink in India,  has a special place in culture and heritage. It’s a refreshing and cooling drink to fight against the heat of the sun and improves gut health.

Stay away from adulterated thandai!


Thandai has been adulterated with artificial ingredients such as colors and preservatives, fillers, and binders which can cause health complications. Market is loaded with refined-sugar filled thandai which has no benefits at all. 

Not only does Thandai have fewer calories than regular milkshakes, it’s also a healthier option to cold drinks. 

Try Dawn lee’s Asli Thandai!

  • No artificial essence
  • No preservatives
  • No added colors
  • Use of Khand Sugar, Kashmiri Almonds, Kashmiri Saffron

Stay fresh & healthy this summer.

  • Accelerates energy
  • Natural detoxifier
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Enhances Digestion
  • Gives Cooling effect
Weight .300 kg
Health Benefits

(Based on several studies) – Immunity Booster, Detox drink, Brain tonic, Relaxant

How To Use

“Easy to prepare & ready in just a few minutes. Add 100ml of chilled milk or water to one teaspoon of premix and enjoy a healthy drink. The taste of this vegan shake will make you never want to go back to regular milkshakes. Power up your day with this superfood blend. Ready for a taste of something new? Try this healthy, mildly sweet drink.”


300gm, 400gm

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