Food will Connect People Better than Passports in 2023

Remember, School Taught us that when an Acid and a Base are Mixed in the Right amounts, a Neutral liquid is formed, this is called Neutralization. Isn’t it?’

When Gautam Dhakad, a food Researcher who sells super food named ‘Jain Roots’ in Indore, asked me this question, I nodded ‘yes’.

His second Question was ‘Then tell us why after Adding all the Best Indian spices (Base) Included in our Good food Habits, we add red chili (acid) to it, it affects its effect and quality of spices. The Ancients did not even know about it. until Red chillies came from Afghanistan Centuries ago. I didn’t have any Answer.

He kept saying- ‘After the milk cools down, we extract the cream from it and make butter or make curd from milk, then churn it to extract butter. How is Ghee (Clarified Butter)made at your home?’ Seeing my raised eyebrows, he said, the Product made in the first Process is called Butter oil and in the second step it becomes ghee, even if it is put in a pan at high Temperature, it still does not leave its Inner Quality. Nowadays Most of the People sell ‘Butter oil’ in the name of ‘Ghee’.

Then I Realized that people have stopped looking for Good Places in the world, they are now going to Places known for good Cuisine. This Belief of mine Increased further when a foreign friend of mine came to India to attend the 17th ‘Pravasi Bhartiya Divas’ (Non Resident Indian Day) convention and said, ‘I was looking forward to coming to India because I remember you always say that Indore is known for good food. ‘ Although the city was ready to give foreign delegates like him a taste of the best, it felt it missed something. He missed a small group that is slowly taking shape in the world of healthy eating, offering unique culinary experiences that, by 2023, suggest that cuisine-based travel will be on many people’s bucket lists.

They don’t have fancy Restaurants and they don’t have Advertising Money. He is Never seen in a starched white coat with a tall chef hat, but he knows how to serve a delicious feast. Every city in the world has this underground community, so-called ‘home chefs’, that can help discover traditional foodies, the secrets of which have been handed down from generation to generation, are now about to make it big. That’s why my foreign friend is coming to attend ‘Nomaste’ organized in Mumbai from 13th to 15th January

.This festival of home cuisine and beverage community will tell more about home chefs. It will have food and lifestyle products from domestic entrepreneurs only and food stalls from local tastemakers. It is an attempt to bring to the fore unknown-unique Recipes from selected small regions.

Millet, a household product of India, is Rich in Nutrition and Grandmother’s Recipe is expected to become a trend in 2023.

Today people are more accepting of new materials. Sustainability is key in this food Industry, so the focus is on Ingredients. The idea is to bring the Best home chefs from your city to such an Event to give the Entire city an Altogether different Experience, because food connects People faster than Anything else.

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