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Ceylon Cinnamon Powder


(Per 50Gm)

Dawn Lee’s Ceylon Cinnamon Powder – “The Real Ceylon Cinnamon” Made with Ayurveda recommended Ceylon Cinnamon. It is only real cinnamon from Sri Lanka, sweet in taste, easily breakable not like Cassia bark.


Real Cinnamon (Ceylon) vs other cinnamon?
The best thing to come from tree bark- is Ceylon Cinnamon!
Ceylon Cinnamon has more than just flavor – Therapeutic benefits while cassia is an average supermarket brand – cheaper
Ceylon is fragile(easily broken) and sweet in taste while cassia is tough(hard to break) and spicy in taste.

Did you Know?
Cassia contains a lot of coumarins, which can be toxic in large quantities.

Know the key
It is much safer to choose Ceylon if you eat a lot of cinnamon.

– Abnormally high coumarin content
– 95% of oil is cinnamaldehyde
– Strong flavor and spicy taste
– Fragile, easily broken
– Tan Brown in color
– Native to Sri Lanka

– Universally less coumarin content
– 50-63% of its oil is cinnamaldehyde
– Mild flavor and sweet taste
– Tough, hard to break
– Reddish Dark Brown color
– Sourced from China

Health Benefits

(Based on several studies) Full of antioxidants, Lowers risk of heart disease and diabetes, Aids in weight loss, Energy booster

How To Use

Add to your daily cooking to spice up the flavors and make your food more delicious as per taste.

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