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Milk Masala Everything You Need To Know

Milk is a vital and complete drink. Boosts the extreme powerhouse within you.

Milk – A Drink for everyone. Whether it is kids or elders, rich or poor, sick or healthy whoever milk has been delighted at every home in all through the world over many years.
A2 Milk – the pack with nutrients, promotes bone health, a complete protein, variety ingredient-base from which many super healthy drinks can be made. One of these drinks is Milk Latte.

✓ Today, when Milk Lattes

are your go-to product.

Let us analyze how effective your Milk Additives are?
Check out this list of what to look for while buying any Milk Latte-


✓ Color Free? Milk additives contain such ingredients having the natural color like saffron. However, you should check the ingredients list if it contains artificial colors, fragrances, or emulsifiers.

Food Colors–
→ Yellow #6 very harmful color additive.
→ Red 40 contains cancer-causing substances.

Artificial Chemical/Preservatives

used to avoid spoilage of product and can cause chronic health conditions.

Natural Added Flavoring substance

adding it results in unhealthy cravings and diets.

Artificial Fragrances

contains phthalates and synthetic chemicals, which can cause skin irritation, allergies, asthma, eczema, headaches, hives, nausea, psoriasis, wheezing, and contact dermatitis.

✓ The quality of the Dry Fruits used-

Is your milk masala contain real dry fruits (Kashmiri Almonds, Cashews), cheap quality dry fruits, or their substitutes?

milk masala market scenario

All milk lattes contain turmeric, which they claim to offer numerous health benefits. However, curcumin content is not disclosed, by which the quality of turmeric can be known.

Higher the curcumin ↟ Better the turmeric ↠ Health
Use of Cassia bark instead of Ceylon Cinnamon.
✓ You Get What You Pay For – Have you ever checked MRP calculation! How much percentage of real Saffron you are getting in Milk masala?
◉ 1 % saffron means 1 gm in 100gms of milk masala
◉ The cost of 1 gm saffron ranges Rs.120-200 itself.
◉ The same fact goes for its other precious ingredients.

✓ People are consuming milk masala

powders that claim to boost milk’s power. Therefore, numerous local brands offer a variety of milk masala at cheaper rates.

milkmasala mrp calculation

Have you ever thought – How can milk masala with so precious ingredients be so cheaper?
So the milk masala that you are buying so fondly is it a real – healthy combination or not?
Hope next time you will keep these things in mind before buying☺
Let us explore more about milk lattes and the ingredients that are used in their preparation.
So, hurry up and get one for your family and yourself.

Try Milk Lattes today! Moreover, indulge in the delicious and aromatic beverage with the rich texture of spices and earthy flavors, infused with amazing health benefits!

How to use it?
Add 2 spoons of Milk Latte in a cup of Hot Milk.
Stir it well.
Add Khand sugar as per your preference for sweetness.

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