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Jaggery Powder (Suitable for Milk / Tea / Coffee)


(Per 500-1000Gm)

Delicious, nutritious, and pure jaggery. Best sugar alternative. Dawn Lee’s Jaggery Powder.


No other additive, just pure natural sugar cane in its original form that your body needs. Comes in powder form – Easy to use.

Weight .500 kg
Health Benefits

(Based on several studies)-
Prevent and relieve constipation, Detoxification of liver, Blood purifier, Fights common cold and cough, Source of carbohydrates.

How To Use

• Jaggery is a wonderful substitute for sugar.
• A spoonful of jaggery after a meal is a great way to keep the blood iron levels up.
• Mix it into your tea or coffee or eat it like candy. Great for kids!


1000gm, 500gm

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