What is Gluten

Gluten is derived from the word ‘glue.’ Generally means to its consistency when dissolved in water. Bread, cakes, pasta, and other baked food items include gluten.

What is Gluten-free means?

Going gluten-free means avoiding highly processed and high-cholesterol food items.

Some facts about Gluten

  1. Gluten does not deliver any vital nutrients.
  2. Gluten causes stomach irritation to a person with celiac disease.
  3. Why is a Gluten-free diet a healthier choice?
  4. A gluten-free diet is enhances energy levels.
  5. Aids in Maintaining a healthy weight.
  6. Removes unhealthy food items from your diet.
  7. A gluten- free diet can boost bone health.

Dawn Lee’s Gluten-free Healthy Platters:

Healthy Seed Mix is an ideal blend of greens, nuts, spices, and dry fruits.

21 Superfood Mix is a perfect blend of Ragi , nuts , dryfruits , raisins, seeds , crainberries, peanuts , coconut , makhana crush , dates and green cardamom.

Ragi, Almond and Nut Mix is fantastic pairing of Ragi , kashmiri almonds , seeds, raisins and nuts.

Dryfruit Laddoos are a conceptual blend of dryfruits,nuts, seeds, dates and A2 billona ghee.

Dawn Lee Gluten-free food range speciality

  1. 100% Authentic food items
  2. Sugar – free
  3. Chemical-free
  4. Gluten-free
  5. White salt-free

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