The King of Indian Drinks Thandai

Traditional drink with Ayurvedic benefits

Thandai being the oldest festive and summer drink in India,  has a special place in culture and heritage. It’s a refreshing and cooling drink to fight against the heat of the sun and improves gut health.

Undrtstand the true and Authentic formula of thandai!

It should not be with white sugar, artificial colors preservatives, fillers, and binders which can cause health complications.

Try Dawn lee’s Asli Thandai to enjoy the real saffron and Mamra Almonds with no white sugar uses its a Royal Drink to rebuild your health.

Use of Khand Sugar, Kashmiri Almonds, Kashmiri Saffron
And Megical Combniation of Indian herbs and spices.

Stay fresh & healthy this summer.

Accelerates energy

Natural detoxifier

Boosts Immunity

Enhances Digestion

Gives Cooling effect

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