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Virgin Coconut Oil


(Per 100 ml)

100% PURE NATURAL VIRGIN COCONUT OIL – Extracted with no heat, steam, or no chemicals. No GMOs, no added preservatives, just natural goodness.


Premium grade virgin Coconut Oil is carefully prepared to preserve the unique signatures and constituents so that we can offer you both purity and efficiency.

Anadi Coconut Oil – 100% Pure Edible – Nutrient-Packed Enhancement for Cooking – 100 ml.

WHAT IS COLD-PRESSED? In the older days, the oils were extracted by pressing nuts and seeds using bullocks tied to a giant mortar and pestle (Kolhu/Chekku) giving thick, nutritive, and aroma-rich healthy oils at ambient temperatures. Health and Orange are on a mission to provide not excellent but excellent quality cold-pressed oils and are proud to introduce a path-breaking technology using gentle hydraulic pressure on seeds/nuts. The cold-pressed oils so extracted are more nutritious, thicker, and purer having a longer shelf-life.

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