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A2 Bilona Ghee


(Per 500-1000Gm)

Pure Indian Cow Ghee Derived From Bilona Process.


Why switch to Bilona ghee from regular?
▪️ Prepared from A2 milk
▪️ Made from Curd, churning process, the traditional method
▪️ Nutrition rich, full milk is used

Try Dawn Lee’s Bilona Ghee
Ayurvedic- Natural healing properties, Medicinal, Cruelty-free, No adulteration.

Weight .500 kg
Health Benefits

Based on several studies Good heart health, Control cholesterol, lubricate joints, supports digestion, burn fat, supports brain function, healthy for growing kids, Nutrition rich, Lactose-Free, Rich in amino acids for easy digest. Suggested for Lactose intolerant people. Good source of Omega 6and9, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Butyric acid, Beta-carotene, Vitamin A.


1000gm, 500gm

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