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Rose Petal Powder


((Per 40Gm))

“Healing tradition of Perfect Elixir, Dawn Lee’s Rose Petal Powder is made of heritage-grade pure and original Indian rose petals only.”

No added color, flavor, preservatives

▪️ Amazing Ayurvedic Properties
▪️ Natural coolant calms the senses

Health Benefits

(Based on several studies) Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, relaxant, Boost digestive fire, rich in vitamin C, B, and K

How To Use

• Mix 1 tsp Rose Petal powder with milk cream and Turmeric. Rinse after 20 minutes

• Rose water mix it well in freshwater for a few hours and stir well before use.

To know more about uses or recipes check us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dawnleeindia

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