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Dawnlee Navratri Special Combo Pack


Dawnlee Navratri Special Combo Pack – Mordhan/Sama Rice (400 Grams) + Red Peanuts/Moongfali Sing Dana (500 Grams) With 1 Dandiya Set For Garba | Falahari Foods for vrat- Fasting Snacks.

Navratri Combo Mordhan & Red Peanuts Make Tasty & Healthy Food On This Occasion Ideal super food for vrat/ upwas / fasting / farali; Bhagar can be used to to make kheer, khichdi, idli, Appalam Papadam papad.

One of the oldest superfoods, Red Peanuts, has been used in food since ancient times. Dark reddish in color, small in size, and sweeter in taste.
Red peanuts increase heat in the body by acting as a fiber laxative. Red peanuts are a healthy, protein & fiber rich substitute for dry fruit when it’s unavailable. The peanuts have been roasted to perfection so that they can be enjoyed as a sweet, savory snack or part of many traditional dishes. Red peanuts paired with jaggery are a mix of micro-minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols. Especially good for athletic kids and gymnasts in particular. Extremely high in antioxidants, making it a boon for kids who don’t like eating fruits.

Mordhan is one of those forgotten grains that were a part of ancient Indian culture. In Navratri diet, it is consumed for fast. Mordhan is gluten free, less in calorie, used as a diet food. It is rich in mineral content and has carbohydrate, proteins, vitamins to give energy. Naturally farmed, gluten free, high fiber, low carb grains. It is also called as Samo rice, Samak rice, Mordhan, Vrat ka Chawal, Bhagar, Barnyard millet.

Weight .900 kg
Health Benefits

(Based On Several Studies) High in digestive fiber, Promotes weight loss, Good substitute for rice.

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