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Mace and Extra Rich Nutmeg Powder


Dawn Lee Fresh 100 % Natural Organic Dried Mace/Javitri and Extra Rich Nutmeg Powder 20 gm each in Airtight Glass Container.


MACE- Mace ground is a very aromatic spice that you can use in both sweet and savoury dishes. The well known speculaas also contains, among other spices, mace.  Because of its pleasant aroma, the spice is not only used in food, but also in perfumes

NUTMEG – Nutmeg is the dried seed of the fruit of an evergreen. Warm and sweet, nutmeg adds depth to desserts and savory dishes alike. Sweet and highly aromatic, nutmeg is especially good in combination with other sweet spices like cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

ADAPTABLE INGREDIENT – Ground nutmeg is useful for various purposes, especially baking. You can also sprinkle it into your smoothies. Add it to cooked greens, Greek dishes, cream sauces and sweet potatoes – the list goes on.

PURE AND POTENT FLAVOR – Dawn Lee believes in pure and potent flavor grown at the source. Our rigorous standards mean that we know precisely what you’re getting, and from where. All of our products are grown and processed without the use of toxic pesticides, irradiation, or GMOs.

100% PURE – We never add preservatives or fillers to our products.

100% SATISFACTION. Our products are hand-picked and Natural, pure, vegan. You will get the feel of homemade with 18th-century goodness in our range. EASY OPENING AND SAFE STORAGE:Come in handy air tight Glass Jar, sealed to preserve their natural scent and taste.

Health Benefits (Nutmeg Powder)

(Based on Several Studies) Know how this spice can improve your health 1. It improves digestion. 2. Effective in treating insomnia. 3. Assists in relieving chronic pain. 4. Effective cold and cough healer. 5. Assists in controlling blood pressure. 6. Excellent for skin problems

Directions Of Use (Nutmeg Powder)

1. Mix it into warm milk, coffee, or tea. 2. You can season vegetables, including sweet potato and cauliflower. 3. Add a sprinkle to oatmeal or other breakfast cereals. 4. Add it to the fruit salad

Health Benefits (Mace Powder)

(Based on Several Studies) Natural remedy for dental powder, Prevents against virus and bacterial diseases, Helpful in nausea and diarrhea, Remarkable remedy for kidney infections

Directions Of Use (Mace Powder)

Used in Baked Dishes as well as Savory Dishes Masala.
Can be added in ketchup and pickles


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight.

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