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About Product:

Jaljeera is an Indian tranquilizer – Digestive Drink and healthiest Pani-Puri mix ever.

Why Dawn Lee’s Jaljeera?

▪️Natural citric acid
▪️ High-quality Jeera- antioxidant, rich in Magnesium, Iron, Calcium
▪️Drink with your little ones
▪️Use of Desi Khand sugar
▪️No added preservatives or additives
▪️No artificial flavor or color

Health benefits(based on several studies)
Supports digestion, Treats Nausea, Aids in weight loss, Rich in vitamin C, Best for Acidity, Tasty and healthy Pani-Puri mix


How to Use:

Jaljeera is a salted and spicy iced tea drink
It’s a refreshing drink that one must try when in India
Can be mixed with nutrients & vegetables to make a salad or can be used as part of cooking
Prepare a cool refreshing drink called jaljeera, a salted and spicy Indian lemonade.
Jaljeera powder can also be used in chutneys, jams, and jellies. Provides a great way to consume hydrated.
It is a great idea for traveling, outdoor activities, on the go, at the office or anywhere else you need water.
The bottle can be used as a mixing pot for panipuri water.



Store in a cool and Dry Place. Keep away from moisture.


Allergy / Caution:

Packed in a facility that processes Cereals, Nuts and Spices. May contain trace elements



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