Digestive Churna | Promotes Healthy Digestion | Reduces acidity and heartburn | Aids in Nutrient Absorption | Supports Bowel Regularity

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“Revitalize Your Digestive Health with Dawn Lee’s Digestive Churan”

Introducing Dawn Lee’s Digestive Churan, a miraculous blend of spices and dried herbs including powdered pomegranate, cardamom, dried lemon, coriander, khand, black salt, fennel seeds, cinnamon, dried ginger (saunth), and piper longum (pippali). Experience the transformative power of this solution for all your digestive health concerns.

In ancient India, Ayurvedic scholars and practitioners extensively explored the therapeutic potential of various herbs and spices. They recognized that certain herbs, when powdered and combined in specific proportions, could enhance their effectiveness. This led to the formulation and usage of churna.


What is Churna?

Churna is a herbal powder made from completely dry herbs, filtered through a thin, clean cloth. It is a medicinal powder used for various treatments.

The difference between churna and regular powder lies in the process: churna involves drying and grinding raw herbs, passing them through filters to obtain a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with other ingredients to prepare the final churna formulation.

The key principle is achieving a harmonious balance of the six tastes – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent – to stimulate the digestive fire effectively.

यः पिण्डो रसपिष्टानाम कल्कः स परिकीर्तितः|
कल्को द्रशदि पेषितः।
उपलदशनदिपिष्टस्तु कल्कः।
(अ. सं.. सू. ४)

Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita offer detailed guidance on preparing and using churna for diverse health conditions. These texts serve as valuable references for Ayurvedic practitioners, assisting them in selecting and combining herbs to create specific churna formulations.

Family Tradition

Homemade churan, a culinary tradition, is a cherished symbol of familial love and domesticity, shared and packed for loved ones who are venturing away from home.

Over time, we have gradually forgotten these natural blends and turned to tablets or medicines as alternatives.

But now if you are “Struggling with Lost Appetite or Digestion Problems? Discover the Solution with Dawn Lee’s Digestive Churna!

In Ayurveda, to activate Jatharagni (Digestive Fire) for healthy digestion, include Dipanas in your diet. Dipanas are herbs that spark the digestive fire, aiding in digestion. Sprinkle or cook with herbs like coriander, fennel, cumin, turmeric, pippali, cardamom, and ginger before or after meals to manage and normalize digestion.

Discover the remarkable effectiveness of Dawn Lee’s Digestive Churan in addressing all your digestive health concerns.

Additional information
Weight 50 g

Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Allergens / Caution

Packed in a facility that processes cereals, nuts and spices. May contain trace elements.

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Blend of many spices and dried herbs powder, including powdered pomegranate, cardamom, dried lemon, coriander, khand, black salt, fennel seeds, cinnamon, dried ginger (saunth) and piper longum ( pippali), cumin, turmeric (high curcumin).
Age Group
Suitable for all ages.
How To Use
1. Every day, 1-2 tablespoons before or after meals. 2. You can add this to fruit or vegetable salads. 3. Add it to soups such as tomato, corn, and vegetable soup.
Health Benefits
(Based on several studies) Promotes healthy digestion, Helps alleviate indigestion and bloating, Supports the proper functioning of the digestive system, Aids in nutrient absorption, Reduces acidity and heartburn, Supports bowel regularity, Helps in the management of flatulence.

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