Dawn Lee Cumin Seeds – Jeera Whole

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Note: Please keep it in a Cool & Dry Place Best before 4 Months from date of packaging
Don’t accept if seal is broken
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Product Description

  • No artificial colours and preservatives. Cumin seed have an aromatic colour and bitter taste. It is used as a condiment, and is an ingredient in curry powders, seasonings of breads, cakes and cheese.
  • It Is Nutritionally Rich, Providing High Amounts Of The Daily Value For Fat (Especially Monounsaturated Fat), Protein And Dietary Fiber. Values For Vitamins -B, E And Several Dietary Minerals, Especially Iron.
  • There are many uses of jeera in Indian cuisine, but you must make sure to buy the freshest or they lose flavour quickly. Dawn Lee Jeera is packed fresh and retains the freshness for up to 9 months! Can be grinded to make pure jeera powder.
  • Dawn Lee here to bring you flavors from around the world. Why not create something special today with our amazing range of herbs, spices, seeds, berries and more.
  • All Dawn Lee Spices are hygienically packed and undergo stringent and rigorous laboratory tests to meet FSSAI food safety norms. We have mentioned the purity test of our every spices and nuts in a description.
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