Desi Chana Dal Unpolished Chana Dal Handmade

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Note: Please keep it in a Cool & Dry Place Best before 4 Months from date of packaging
Don’t accept if seal is broken
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Product Description

  • Dawn Lee provides you preservative free, chemical and fumigation free Desi chana daal and normally in big store all grains and pluses are store after fumigation and preservative chemical treatment for long shelf life.
  • The fiber content in chana daal helps improve your digestive system by improving the digestion process and preventing constipation
  • The high content of iron in Chana daal helps get rid of iron deficiency
  • Chana daal has a good content of calcium, which can help improve your bone health.
  • Chana daal is rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C, which plays a central role in improving your heart health
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