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Indian Spices: A journey of History & Flavor

  • Earlier people used aromatic plants for flavor, taste and aroma in food.
  • People used to offer aromatic herbs to their foods.
  • Spices which were found to have healing properties were used in the treatment of wounds and illnesses.
  • Spices are grounded by mortar & pestle, slow grinded for more nutritional value.
kitchen essentials

What has changed?

Spices have come to adulteration, red chili, table salt, cassia cinnamon, artificial color, flavor, fillers, preservatives and more killed the goodness of spices and harms health.

Dawn Lee suggests using an authentic blend of spices!

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Garam Masala

199 ((Per 50Gm))

Jeeravan Mint

159 ((Per 75Gm))
  • 100% Natural

Anadi Hing

3292,570 (Per 5-50Gm)


139 (Per 100Gm)
  • 100% Natural

Jeeravan (Hing)

169 ((Per 75Gm))
  • 100% Natural
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