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Khushi Agro Private Limited as a Government of India-recognized Indore-based Startup. The company is mainly engaged in the proper study of Indian Vedic Food Ingredients, and its processing technology adopts 18th-century practices keeping the Purity at bay.

The main reason for Lifestyle-Related Diseases Worldwide is the extinction and disappearance of the authentic vedic food system among the familiar people and the youth. Due to our negligence and unawareness, healthy food ingredients from our daily routine have almost been eradicated with time. As a result, our acute physical and mental development is adversely affected. Due to this, the percentage of people with complete health (full age) is decreasing drastically. Khushi Agro is mainly researching the Solution to this social problem, and our research team is doing a comparative study with the current lifestyle based on 18th Century lifestyle.

With the continuous efforts of our team, we successfully commercially launched more than 150 research-based pure food items as day-to-day used from dawn to dusk. We believe that with our efforts, we are proud of Indian tradition. It will help make it Universal.


Does Ayurveda food habits seem to be on the way out from our kitchen?
Practicing ayurveda principles in your kitchen can help you stay healthy and put a stop to unhealthy lifestyle.

Our Diminishing healthy food habits

  • From Desi ghee to butter oil 
  • Golden milk  to  energy drinks 
  • Clay pot water to RO and chilled water 
  • Food before sunset to dinner till midnight 
  • Daily morning evening temple visits to TV, Social media 
  • Chaupal discussions, laughing activities to tension full, serious shows, movies watching

Choose us to Choose Nature!

tea milk masala

Dawn Lee replace the high sugar and preservative , unnatural  drinks (causes various lifestyle  diseases like obesity, diabetes, irregular blood pressure.) with healthy and vedik options. During 1852 the Tea leaves were introduced to India along with Refined Sugar in 1903, they replaced the ayurvedic kadha and ukali.

We are offering series of healthy traditional  options which are healthy and immunity boosters and rich of vedic ingredients and process.

Haldi Wala Doodh, Kashmiri Kahwa, Chocolate Latte, Thandai, Arjun Card and many more.

Choose us to Choose Nature!

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