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Janmashtami 2021 Recipes | Healthy Desserts To Make At Home

Janmashtami 2021 Recipes: Healthy Desserts To Make At Home

Janmashtmi is the festival of joy and happiness. On this day, Lord Krishna is born, he is the preserver of trinity. Krishna, ‘the mischievous Gopala’, was fond of cows. Also when Krishna was young, he used to sneak into people’s houses and steal Makhan. Since then his name is “Makhan Chor”.

Festive season has started. No matter how many preparations we do in festivals, from decoration to music, but still the festival is incomplete without sweets. 

And as we all have it in our mind that we can enjoy sweets and stay healthy too. So instead You can easily prepare delicious sweets at home for your kids & family instead of bringing adulterated sweets or unhealthy chocolates.

Here are some Healthy Janmashtami desserts to make at home which you can enjoy freely and offer as a prasad.

1. Dry Fruits Kheer 

Kheer is the main Indian dish which is prepared in every Indian festival and offered as bhog to god. Healthy Kheer is the combination of full cream milk and dry fruits.


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To make your kheer more healthier:

  • Use the best quality dry fruits only. Like Kashmiri almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pistachios.
  • Use Dawn Lee’s Khandsari sugar instead of refined sugar.
  • Use full cream milk.


You can use Dawn Lee’s Saffron milk masala to enhance the taste and health. It contains Freshly Prepared Combinations of California Pistachios , Almonds, Mace, Cardamom, Fennel Seeds with the combination of Pure Kashmiri Saffron.


2. Makhan Mishri 

Makhan Mishri was the all time favourite of Lord Krishna. Make this special prasad at home. Your kids are gonna love it too. 


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How to Make? 

Use fresh cream and churn it well. Then add coarsely grind mishri into it. 

Add a few fresh Dawn lee’s saffron strands for topping.


Use desi mishri. 

Serve the prepared makhan with tulsi leaves.


3. Dates and Nuts Ladoo 

Are you fond of Ladoo? Try to make this tasty and healthy laddoos this janmashtami. 


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How to make?

Combination of juicy dates and crunchy nuts. Blend the dates and add grated nuts to the thick paste. Make rolls. Add Khandsari sugar only if needed.


4. Milk Peda  

There are two ways to make milk Peda. One is by using a traditional method and the other is purchasing readymade khoya or mawa from a shop.

milk peda

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How to make ? 

Traditional milk peda is made by simmering the milk for hours until the milk thickens. Then add khandsari sugar to sweeten it. 

You can add saffron and cardamom powder to enhance its taste.

Enhance the taste of the dish by adding some saffron strands and cardamom powder.


5. Anjeer ki barfi

This dessert is super healthy and easy to make. 


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How to make?

Make a thick paste of Anjir. Mix khus – khus, grated dry fruits to it and mix well. Make a dough and cut into desired shape. 

You can add cardamom powder to enhance the taste. 


6. Makhana Kheer 

Best for low fat diet people. Makhana is rich in calcium.

makhan kheer

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How to make?

Roast makhana and nuts lightly. Boil the milk until it gets quite thicker. Add roasted makhana and sliced almonds, pistachio and cardamom powder to it. Add saffron strands to add value and nice color. 


Enjoy Janmashtami to the fullest with these delicious desserts


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