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3 Things You Must have in Travelling Kit

3 Things You Must have in Travelling Kit

Travelling is the most memorable experience in our life. When we are leaving our home, either for a short or long duration of time. We try to pack up all the essential stuff that we consider not getting somewhere else. 

In the list of our travelling essentials, we also carry some eatables, snacks. It is healthy to eat homemade for short hunger or cravings, instead of eating outside. 

As we deal with another atmosphere, season changes make fall sick easily. So we have to carry medicines.

But what if there are some healthier alternatives that can prevent you from these travelling sicknesses?

And also do not make you feel missing home. 


So there are 3 things you must have in the Travelling kit which are our specials and you are really gonna love it. 

Check out these –


1. Clove (Roasted)

While travelling, we feel like chewing gums, toffees, which contain more sugar content.  

Here is the best alternative, Roasted Clove (Laung).

So, change your eating habits while travelling. 

roasted cloves

Why Clove?

  • Taking roasted cloves has many benefits. Mainly it is good for health.
  • It reduces the abnormal eating habits, unusual cravings for snacks.
  • It can keep mouth germ free and smell free.
  • It can prevent irregular eating habits
  • Also it is very good for teeth. It strengthens our teeth.

2. Cure Pep 

Cure Pep is Dawn Lee’s special product in natural antibiotics. 


cure pep


  • It is the fusion of curcumin rich turmeric and black pepper. 
  • It is recommended that little Black Pepper be used along with Turmeric for increasing the absorption of Curcumin in our body -Strong Anti-Oxidant and Speeds up post operative recovery.

3. Signature

Signature is a Dawn Lee special product. It is a combination of cardamom and Saffron which is rich in taste, its aroma enhances flavor and natural color to milk.

Dawn Lee Signature Blend of Green Cardamom Seeds and Saffron

  • For milk lovers, who have regular habits of taking milk with breakfast or dinner. This is a perfect and healthy combination. 
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